Delicious Gluten Free Breads, Rolls, Cakes, and Pastries

Vin-Chet Gluten Free Baked Goods

As more and more people are discovering they are allergic to gluten (a protein found in wheat and various other grains), the demand for gluten free foods increases every day. There are a lot of gluten free products on the market, but finding those that taste great is rare indeed!

Vin-Chet’s Gluten Free Baked Goods are the fresh, delicious, and healthy alternative to the pre-packaged, preservative-laden products found on shelves in supermarkets. You won’t find a tastier gluten free product anywhere. In fact, you’ll wonder if they really are gluten-free.

It’s simple–we use fresh, wholesome, certified gluten-free ingredients in all of our recipes. But it isn’t easy–we have literally spent years perfecting our recipes to ensure that they are as good as (and in most cases, better than) breads, rolls, pastries, cookies, and cakes made from wheat.

Our products are available at our Kensington Avenue bakery in Amherst, NY as well as an ever-increasing list of supermarkets, restaurants, pizzerias, and other venues throughout New York State and beyond.

Find out just how good gluten free can be!

We are proud to have been named Buffalo Spree’s “Best Gluten-Free” in Western New York!

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