About Us

Vin-Chet Gluten Free Bakery has a long history dating back to 1946 when Vincent Spampata and Chester Matuszak returned from WWII and partnered to form The Vin-Chet Pastry Shop. For over forty years they were the premier bakery in the Buffalo, NY area, known mostly for their fine pastries, cookies, and cakes.

As the demographics of Buffalo changed, so did the environment of the traditional fine bakeries. While Vin-Chet Pastry Shop changed owners over the years, it never lost that premier status. In 1998, Vin-Chet was purchased by the Mangano family.

Joseph Mangano was armed with extensive baking experience learned at his own father’s bakery business (Mangano’s Bakery) and another twenty-four years as Bakery Director for a major supermarket chain. He decided it was time to follow the dream of owning his own bakery and purchased Vin-Chet. He carried on the tradition of fine pastries until 2008 when a good friend, recently diagnosed with Celiac disease, requested he try to bake a gluten free loaf of bread.

That was just the beginning of what is now called Vin-Chet Gluten Free Bakery. After much trial and error and passing the discriminating taste buds of those of us who were not celiac, a new business was born. Vin-Chet became the only CSA certified, exclusively gluten free bakery in WNY. Today the Mangano family produces over 175 varieties of baked goods — all of which meet or exceed the taste and texture of traditional baked goods. We have come full-circle, rejuvenating the fine bakery business in the Buffalo area, only now it is gluten free.

We have built our business on trust so as to never disappoint our customers.

Currently, we supply over ninety Tops Supermarket stores throughout New York State and Pennsylvania, as well as Buffalo-area Wegmans locations. These stores carry an extensive variety of our desserts, breads, rolls, breakfast items, and pizza. We also supply many of our local pizzerias and restaurants with gluten free pizza crust, breads, and rolls. We even ship to a restaurant in Rhode Island! All of these avenues of business have helped us achieve tremendous growth.

We enjoy our business partnerships and the loyal customers we’ve gained on this gluten free journey. They have come to trust that we only provide quality products with each and every order and that we stand behind what we sell.

We look forward to serving you as well!