Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gluten?

Gluten is the protein found in wheat, rye, barley, and some oats. Gluten is what gives dough its elasticity and bread its traditional chewy texture.

What is Celiac Disease?

Celiac Disease is an autoimmune disease that affects the gastrointestinal tract of an individual. Individuals with Celiac Disease are permanently intolerant to gluten.

What is a Gluten Free product?

A gluten free product as made without wheat flour, rye, barley, or other gluten containing grains.

Where can I purchase your products?

Our products can be purchased primarily at our retail location at 2178 Kensington Ave. in Buffalo, NY. We also sell our products at over ninety Tops Friendly Markets locations, Buffalo-area Wegmans Markets, and other independent grocers. Please visit our Find Our Products page for a complete list.

Can I buy your products online?

Currently we do not have online ordering, but it’s something we’re working on for the near future.

Do I need to pre-order or do you have products in your store daily?

For most products, it is not necessary to preorder. We have a full variety daily. However, if you’re looking for a specific item, we always recommend ordering in advance to make sure we have it made for you.

Where can I follow your bakery?

You can follow us @vinchetbakery on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google, Yelp, Pinterest, Foursquare, and Trip Advisor.

Do you have a newsletter so I can stay up to date on current news, promotions, and sales?
Do you ever have items on sale?

We do have frequent sales at our retail location. You can find out about sales through our social media, emails, and by stopping in on a regular basis.

Do you have a rewards program?

Absolutely! And it’s the best one around. For every $1 you spend you earn a point and as those points add up you earn free products! Ask your sales clerk the next time you visit about signing up. Or text the word “BAKERY” to 87573 and reply with the letter “Y” to enroll today.

Do you ship your products?

We do ship our products all across the country. Our products make the perfect gift for students away at college, family members living out of town, or for yourself if you found us while visiting Buffalo. Give us a call or email to place your order today.

Can I sample your products before I purchase them?

We try to have a few samples every day for customers to try. We always have bread to try, and on occasion we’ll have coffee cake and cookies. Twice a year we host large tasting events in which we have samples of a majority of items we make including pizza, cakes, cookies and much more.

What’s the best way to contact you?

The best way to reach us is through our main phone number 716.839.0871.

Are you gluten free certified?

We are certified by the National Celiac Association. All of our products tested well below 5ppm.

Is your facility dedicated gluten free?

Our facility is a 100% dedicated gluten free facility.

What are your store policies?

All food sales are final. All payments are non-refundable and if cancelled, store credit may be issued at the discretion of management. There will be no returns, refunds, or exchanges accepted for perishable items.

We require 48 hours notice if you wish to cancel an order. Failure to cancel within this time frame will result in a 25% fee of the order. We understand tastes are very subjective and under no circumstances can we give a refund or credit for an item that one simply doesn’t like the taste or texture of. If there is a legitimate complaint about a particular item please call us and bring the item back to us within 24 hours, so we can examine the issue and see if a problem does exist. At this time we will decide how to best resolve the situation.

We take extreme pride in every product we bake and taste samples from every batch to ensure every item that leaves our shop is of the highest quality of taste and texture. Once a product leaves our shop we have no control over how it is handled. We ask that you follow proper storage and transportation techniques to guarantee your purchased items arrive safely and remain fresh until it’s time to purchase again.

Do your baked goods need to be frozen?

We recommend freezing most of our products to preserve the life of the product and save you from wasting money. All of our products have an 18-month shelf life if kept frozen.

Do all of your products contain dairy?

We make a line of breads, rolls, and pizza products that are gluten free and dairy free. Currently, most of our sweet goods contain dairy.

Do all of your products contain soy?

The majority of our items are soy-free. Please refer to the labels on each product to identify if the item in question contains soy.

Do all of your products contain corn?

We use corn flour, and corn starch in the majority of our flour blends.

Do you make any vegan products?

Currently we do not make any vegan products.

Are any of your products sugar-free?

None of our products are sugar-free.

Do you make any non-gluten free products?

All of our products are gluten free. We do not make any non-gluten free products.

How is your rye bread gluten free?

We do not use rye flour in our gluten free rye bread. We add caraway seeds to our mix which gives the bread its rye flavor.

What is Cottage Bread?

Cottage Bread is one of our signature sandwich breads made with cottage cheese mixed into the dough to give each loaf a hearty, moist texture and exceptional taste.

What is Savory Bread?

Savory Bread is made with a similar recipe to our Cottage Bread, and we add dill seed and onion to give each loaf a burst of flavor.

Do you sell cakes?

Cakes are our specialty! We sell cakes in a convenient 4” size which are available every day in our freezer. We also sell large cakes from an 8” round to a full sheet, perfect for birthdays, graduations, or any occasion needing celebration.

How long will your products stay fresh?

Products purchased fresh typically last 3-10 days depending on the item. We don’t use any artificial preservatives in our products so if you don’t plan on eating the whole thing right away we recommend keeping out what you’ll eat immediately and freezing the remainder.

I’m looking to buy a gluten free product for a friend/co-worker/family member. What item(s) do you recommend?

Cupcakes are always a popular item for someone with a sweet tooth. Our 4” carrot cake is very popular and baked in a convenient single serve size. Our cottage bread is our most popular bread and our raspberry ring is one of our most popular coffee cake.

Do you sell sandwiches?

We do! We serve sandwiches on our fresh baked breads and rolls using premium Boar’s Head meats and cheese.

Can I order a pizza baked?

You sure can! All of our pizzas are available to be baked and enjoyed within 15-20 minutes of ordering.

What is your most popular bread?

Our most popular bread is Cottage Bread.

What is your most popular coffee cake?

Raspberry Ring and Almond Ring are our two most popular coffee cakes.

Do you have seasonal items?

We do make specific items only available during holidays or certain other times of the year. We post items often on our social media platforms, emails, and store signage.

I own a restaurant/pizzeria/food truck/grocery store, can I buy your products at a wholesale cost?

Absolutely! Give us a call at 716-839-0871 and we’d be more than happy to discuss wholesale opportunities.

Are you hiring?

We are always looking for energetic, self-motivated, detail oriented people to add to our growing team. If you think you could be an asset to our company give us a call and we’d be happy to meet with you.

How do you make your products taste so good?

It starts with using only high quality ingredients, a dedication to not settle for mediocre, and demanding better from ourselves, our suppliers, and our partners to bring you the best tasting product possible.

Do you deliver?

We deliver locally to our wholesale customers. At this time we do not offer residential delivery.